Fed by Abel & Cole

A regular food delivery service for London offices. Powered by Umbraco, Merchello and a bespoke API.

My client, Cogworks, was engaged by Abel & Cole to build an eCommerce platform to bring their organic, sustainable food delivery service to life. Together, we built a fast, responsive Umbraco website, with eCommerce functionality provided by Merchello to handle their product catalog. The system allowed customers to set up regular and one-off orders of Abel & Cole's delicious organic food range. We built a custom REST web API to sync product, order and delivery information between the website and the client's fulfillment systems.

We integrated closely with our client's in-house developers to ensure our systems communicated seamlessly with each other. They were involved in our daily project standup meetings and planning sessions.

The project had an extremely tight deadline, we had just 8 weeks to design and build the system, as well as integrate it to the client's backoffice systems. By harnessing the power of Umbraco and Merchello, we were able to deliver the project on time and within budget.

  • Agency


  • Deliverables

    Umbraco CMS
    Merchello eCommerce platform
    Custom API for 2-way data sync
    Azure-based hosting and CD pipeline

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